Wild yoga by the river

Wild Yoga By The River

As part of a full weekend of music, nature, wellbeing and connection at Powderham Castle, Resident Yoga Teacher Gillie Sutherland will be leading a Wild Yoga class each day at 12pm by the river.

Where yoga should be done, out in the wild, breathing in all the clean fresh air, soaking up the sun, and drawing on the power from the Earth’s infinite battery source, this is an experience not to be missed.

About The Class:

Unleash your true animal nature with some primal-style yoga based on natural movement.

Working with the spirals in the body, this mindful but playful practise is designed to bring about freedom and flow in the body.

Move in a way you were designed to move, and feel the way you’re supposed to feel, when you are in your true, wild and authentic state of being.

This is an accessible, multi-level class, suitable for all ages and abilities. Bring a mat if you like to have one, but it’s not necessary as barefoot and the Earth is highly recommended for maximum benefit!

For more details go to www.behappyfit.co.uk