Slackline school

The Slackline School has over ten years of cumulative experience in teaching, and will be bringing there wealth of knowledge and expertise to Powderham castle.

An extreme balance sport that stems from tightrope walking. Some of the first slackliners were climbers in California who tied thin bits of tape – or webbing as it’s called – between trees and old cars, and tried walking along the tape, both for fun, and for the challenge it brought.

Today slacklining is recognised worldwide as a sport, an art form, a recreational past time and a therapeutic activity for both body and mind. Slacklining works on personal focus, agility, core muscle groups and balance receptors, as well as being both a relaxing and stimulating activity. Slacklining is also an excellent proprioceptive exercise that serves as a rehabilitative activity for knee and ankle injuries amongst others. Slacklining has also been shown to be an amazing way to encourage young people to take calculated and beneficial risks, again something which can be transferred into various other activities and pursuits. We have also seen how slacklining has a ‘level playing field’ effect among young people and particularly school groups, where, as a brand new activity, neither the conventionally sporty nor the typically hard to engage students have any kind of advantage over one another, and encourages synergy and mutual respect among peer groups.