pan crepes

PanCrepes specializes in sweet and savoury French Crepes with a varied selection of delicious toppings tailored to our customers specifications.

We have a crepe mix made for us to our own recipe as none of the mixes available commercially taste very good.  We also offer a gluten and dairy free batter and can supply vegan batter if required.  We know from experience that you cannot make a tasty crepe using cheap ingredients so we use mature cheddar cheese, ham that isn’t pumped full of water, fresh spinach, fresh mushrooms and local chilli jam to ensure our savoury crepes are full of flavour.  Likewise with our sweet crepes we use leading brands such as nutella and always use fresh fruits.
We serve our crepes with minimal packaging and all packaging is company branded and fully compostable.  We like to keep at the forefront of what is happening in the industry so have had credit card facilities for at least six years and have used the Ncass Gas Safe system from the moment it was introduced onto the market.