tta. is a bustling Indian thali street food stand taking inspiration from the tropical regions of Kerela. By offering a sustainable and wholesome vegan feast, atta. will be serving up flavour filled lunches across Cornwall.
a t t a . ‘ s s t o r y
Bradley (founder of atta.), has always had an intrinsic connection with consuming sustainably & using food to bring people together. After a once in a life time trip to the Southern regions of India Bradley now knew how to channel his energy and created atta. on his return. Provoked by the growing demand for vegan food in the South West and the all encompassing food culture of India, Bradley is now bringing the two together in what is now the biggest passion in his life.
n u t r i t i o n
atta. packs each thali with natural antioxidants, vitamins & anti-inflammatory’s, by using fresh vegetables, spices and herbs. It’s a feast your body will thank you for.
atta. also offers nutritious low sugar, high fibre, high protein snack bars, to help fuel an active vegan lifestyle. Fulfilling the desire for a sweet treat without the added health complications of traditional desserts.
Inspired by ancient ayurvedic recipe’s, atta. offers a health enhancing lunch alternative to the norm.